Find Partners

It's not impossible.

Although finding partners to buy a house with may seem like an impossible task, it is easier than you think.  Like everything else, it involves having a clear vision of what you want and what types of ownership structures you are open to.  Having completed the GoCo Wants & Needs List will help you in this area. 

Once you are clear on what you are looking for, you can talk about it with friends and family.  You’ll find that people may know someone who knows someone who might be interested.  Sharing your goals and interests will help others think about you when hearing about relevant opportunities. 

You can also join us for our C-Harmony events which are a fun, no commitment way to meet and connect with other individuals who are interested in co-ownership. 

How Lesli found Anne

I was very lucky to have a friend in my life that was willing to take the leap into co-ownership. As not everyone has that luxury, it makes  sense to me that we create ways to help people find the right person(s) to explore co-ownership. With the right support and direction, co-ownership can work between friends, family and complete strangers.

 Real-life co-ownership stories

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