co ownership

Robert & Jeanne

Robert and his fiancée Jeanne, are planning on using co-ownership as a way to get into the Toronto housing market. After enjoying a number of years travelling abroad, Robert returned to Toronto to start getting settled. He came home, moved his career forward in the not for profit sector and met his other half.

All great steps forward. And then Robert and Jeanne started to think about getting a house and were shocked to realize that the average house prices were edging towards $1 Million. They started to look at their options and co-ownership in particular. Robert went to GoCo’s first event and has tested the idea of co-ownership with both close friends and siblings.

A good discussion with friends who were interested led them to realize that they had different time horizons. Luckily both couples were honest with each other and realized the importance of not bending to another vision just to make it work. They are now in discussion with Jeanne’s brother and partner.

With a wedding coming up, there is no rush but both Robert and Jeanne are clear on what they want, including not being indebted to their house. They see co-ownership as a good opportunity and a possible tool to getting to their goals.


 *The individuals featured in this profile have chosen to use alias names