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Why Co-ownership?

You may be thinking about co-ownership as a way to help you get into the market, increase the community around you or build equity for retirement. Regardless of your reason, you are thinking differently in order to be able to live better. 

Co-ownership is really just partnering to buy a property. It is not a new idea.  In fact for years, it was a key way for newcomer families to break into home ownership.


Real-life co-ownership stories


Understand how and why everyday Canadians are entering the world of co-ownership

Join us June 29 2017

Co-ownership Mixer

Are you curious about co-ownership? Have you thought about it as a way to get into the housing market, build community or security?

Join us for an evening of co-ownership knowledge, mixing, mingling and even speed dating for co-ownership. You will hear from experts who currently support co-ownership as well meet others interested in co-owning.

Eventbrite - Co-ownership Mixer

Some topics we will discuss include:


- Legalities of co-ownership

- Risk mitigation

-Moving towards and moving on from co-ownership

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Feature Properties

Semi-detached Triplex Dovercourt

Cost: $939,000
Downpayment: $93,900
Mortgage rate: 2.54%

Detached Triplex Oakwood & Vaughan

Cost: $999,900
Downpayment: $99,990
Mortgage rate: 2.54%

About Lesli

I’ve been a business and community leader in Toronto for over 20 years building Mitzi’s restaurants and leading efforts in the community. My passion for real-estate comes from a joy in helping people thrive. I recognize that our homes are the foundation of our lives, providing a way for personal, community, social and economic succcess.

I look forward to providing the knowledge, capacity and know-how necessary for you to consider co-ownership as a tool that can help you reach your real-estate goals.  


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