A great new, old idea for getting to your goals

What is Co-Ownership?

Co-ownership involves owning real-estate with one or more partners.  It can increase security and affordability, build stronger communities and create better neighborhoods.

At GoCo, we are committed to helping you understand co-ownership as a tool to achieving your real estate goals.

Why Co-Ownership?

  • Increased access to the housing market
  • Sense of security
  • Shared benefits & expenses
  • Reduced risk
  • An opportunity to access supplemental income
  • A reduction in our collective footprint


Lesli Gaynor of GoCo Solutions and Ben Sammut of Millenial Mortgages are collaborating to bring you a space where you could potentially meet that special (co-owning) someone(s).

Eventbrite - C-Harmony: Creating Co-operative Connections

Whether this is something that you've been seriously thinking about or are just curious as to who is out there, this event is for you. We are putting a fun spin on it and using a speed dating approach to match you up with other prospective co-owners. Just like in the dating world - not everyone will be a match!


The value of Co-Ownership

As a single mother looking for secure housing, I bought a duplex with a good friend. This gave us both financial stability and security. It also allowed me to get groceries, go for walks, and go out on dates when my kids were asleep. With my friend on the second floor apartment, I could do this with the comfort and ease that no money could have bought. 

- Lesli Gaynor

“The world of  co-ownership helped me get into the housing market, build a safety net, reduce stress and make life decisions from a holistic perspective”

- Monica Da Ponte

Our son wanted to buy his first home but was facing a large mortgage with additional insurance costs given his down payment level. We wanted to help but did not want to go into extra debt. Co-ownership was a win-win solution for us.

- Mary-Anne Berdard

GOCO Services

Designed to help you: Learn, Connect, Buy Together


Knowledge and Knowhow

Through knowledge with both industry experts and those with lived experience, GOCO is working to build capacity around the benefits, challenges and possible paths for co-ownership


Connection and facilitation 

Through a series of ongoing networking events, GOCO is working to build the
co-ownership community, facilitating the introduction and connection of individuals who may have common interests



From one on one help finding the perfect property to connection and engagement of experts, GOCO will help you use co-ownership to realize your goals

About Lesli

I’ve been a business and community leader in Toronto for over 20 years building Mitzi’s restaurants and leading efforts in the community. My passion for real-estate comes from a joy in helping people thrive. I recognize that our homes are the foundation of our lives, providing a way for personal, community, social and economic succcess.

I look forward to providing the knowledge, capacity and know-how necessary for you to consider co-ownership as a tool that can help you reach your real-estate goals.  


For more information about Co-Ownership and GoCo Solutions please contact us using the form or the information below. 

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