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GoCo Solutions provides knowledge, advice, and connections to help people navigate the process of co-ownership and find a home in the Toronto and GTA real estate market.

From helping you to understand the concept of buying a property with other people, from its benefits and potential pitfalls to working out what you can afford, to finding the right partners and property, GoCo Solutions offers support throughout the process. By connecting you to financial and legal partners, we can also provide support in securing financing and establishing co-ownership agreements.

Connecting aspiring co-owners online.

We are delighted to partner with WeOwn an online platform that helps to connect individuals or groups who are interested in co-owning real estate, launching in September 2018.

For more information about how this matching platform works, and to sign up, visit


What is Co-Ownership? 

The current real estate market in Toronto and the GTA requires us to think creatively about home ownership. Co-ownership is when two or more parties buy a property together. It is a model that invites people to pool their resources to enter the housing market and is one way that enables everyday Canadians to take advantage of the economic, social and community benefits of home ownership.

Co-ownership Case-Studies

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Visit our blog to learn more about co-ownership both in Canada and around the world, and stories of how Canadians have come together to co-own. 

Most recent post: Co-Ownership Case Study: Richard, Paul and Emma.

Three architects decided to buy a property together in downtown Toronto. Four years, multiple renovations, and a baby later, shared ownership enabled them to buy their own homes in the city.


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About Lesli

I’ve been a business and community leader in Toronto for over 20 years as a social worker, policy writer, and founder of Mitzi’s restaurants.

My passion for real-estate comes from joy in helping people thrive and frustration with the current system. I believe that everyone should have access to a safe and secure home, and I see co-ownership as one way of achieving this.

I recognize that our homes are central to our well-being and the foundation for personal, social, community and economic success. By working closely together and pooling our resources, not only can we access housing, we can also create happier and healthier communities.

I look forward to helping you explore co-ownership as a tool that can help you reach your real estate goals.


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