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Finding the right property.

I’m not a typical real-estate agent. I don’t believe in bidding wars or pressuring people into committing when they’re not ready.

I believe in bringing people together and pooling our resources to find solutions to problems we face as a community and a society. I became a real estate agent to help find safe and secure homes for people during a time when this is becoming more difficult.

I will be with you on every step of the journey. I will think of creative ways to help you find a home within your budget, whether it’s buying an existing property designed the way you want, purchasing a property that needs work to be divided into separate units, or even securing a lot that can be renovated or rebuilt to accommodate your vision.

I am excited to build our relationship and to work with you to refine your parameters, explore your options and select the best property to meet your needs.

I’d love to meet up with you to chat about your interest in co-ownership! Don’t hesitate to get in touch using this contact form.

”Lesli Gaynor has been our best decision during our search for a family home in the Toronto market. Without her constant help, advice and care we would still be renting.

Lesli immediately understood our priorities and taste -- she recommended relevant listings, re-aligned search strategies when necessary, put us in touch with the right partners for house inspections or mortgage solutions as well as packing, moving and legal advice. Throughout the entire process Lesli had our best interests at heart, always recommending the correct pricing in terms of bidding and making sure we did not get carried away by an offer night's excitement. 

During our successful bid, Lesli was the only broker who presented her client's letter in person to the owner rather than simply forwarding it by email. This clearly demonstrates her full commitment to her clients. She visited houses for us, went to open-houses on our behalf adapted to our schedule and our needs. We were lucky to have Lesli as our agent and we recommend her wholeheartedly.

Very best and good luck!” - B & S.



Learn Everything You Need To Know About Co-Ownership


Hear from legal, financial and property experts. Meet people who have purchased a home co-operatively. Learn everything you need to know at this 1-day conference.